How to Solve the Biggest Problems in Your Business with Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a very well know word in the marketing circle in the recent times. Growth hacking originated from a word called “growth hacker,” which was coined by Sean Ellis in the year 2010. If you are a start-up and aiming at a fast business growth, then growth hacking would be the ideal technique to choose. Growth hacking is a marketing technique that will help your business attract users. One of the main benefits of implementing the growth hacking technique is the relatively low cost associated with it.

Facebook was one of the leading companies to implement the growth hacking technique. During its early growth stages, a cross- functional growth team formed a part of the organization. This group constituted mainly of the growth hackers. Some of the main responsibilities of this team included crowdsourcing, importing email contact and many more marketing strategies.

solve the biggest problems in your business with growth hacking

Growth hacking is the buzzword that has been implemented by a majority of the startup companies in the recent times. Technology integration is the primary technique used by the growth hackers to help the organizations achieve faster growth. This marketing technique has replaced the standard corporate marketing strategies in many companies across the globe. Growth hackers implement a set of framework, tactics, and best practices. These elements help them to think about user growth from a critical point of view. Growth hacking is incorporated with many segments of business. Some of these segments are products management, direct marketing, brand marketing and engineering. Some of the experts in the marketing sector term this new technique as the next level of lean marketing. It is a method which is followed after customer development and product market fit.

Who should use growth hacking?

 An upsurging question that has been asked by many is “who should use growth hacking?”. Growth hacking is best suited for a start-up business, B2B marketers, content marketers and social media experts. Not only the startups but some of the established organization has also leaned towards growth hacking technology to speed up the growth process.

Growth hacking techniques

Enhancing the site speed has been one of the best growth hacking skills. Growth hackers use exclusive techniques to reduce the load time for the sites. The second method used by the growth hackers is social proof. Social proof should be a part of your homepage, landing page, account sign-up page and even the thank you page. Social proofing your page will help in increasing your customer base. Some of the social proof tools include testimonial, logos, customer satisfaction notes and case studies.

The next technique for Growth hacking is on-ramp programs. On-ramp program is the way you respond to your client. Some of the ways for on-ramp program are NUX (new user experience) and email drip campaign. The bare-bones homepage is one of the best techniques used by the growth hackers. It is all about the SEO magic that compels the visitors to enter your page through a different site. This method helps in making a sale and taking the next step of making the guest as your valued customer. Some of the bare bone homepage techniques are Dropbox, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, and Groupon. Product integration and viral loops are also some of the most used methods by the growth hackers.

For an organization to achieve growth within a short period, growth hacking is one of the best options. With the success rate that the growth hacker helps an organization to make, it is definitely of the best marketing strategies.

Author - Rachel Radmond
Rachel Radmond Author at Fortune Reuters Rachel Radmond, Sr. Business Development Manager, Fortune Reuters is driven by the passion to offer customer value beyond all. With her invaluable managerial experience of working for multinational companies she has gathered comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Enterprise-level companies that’s been instrumental in our growth as a global B2B contact data brand. Her market insights and how she beautifully correlates it with the need for fortune companies to procure data for multichannel campaigns has been the secret to her success.