Top 8 hacks to restore your data repository for best results

Productivity hacks for your emails: Restore the data repository for best results

Almost all business enterprises use Microsoft outlook for internal and sometimes external communications. Invariably, marketing data are deleted and can be an impediment at work. There are ways to restore and move on with the sales leads. And if you belong to the travel industry, the following pointers are the big tickets to remain relevant with good offers. It will on top keep customers happy with the exact degree of communications.

Let’s get started right away. Maybe you are already seeking the hack to get back that critical information.

Its not just about trash retrieval

That is the easy part. But what if you have truly emptied the folder and there is no trace of the important message send to several people in the email database? A Microsoft exchange account is a life saver, however, if you do not even have it then the email is residing in the server. Deleted items can be recovered by a process. A recoverable folder exists and Microsoft does not totally delete anything.

If you belong to the travel industry, what could constitute a harrowing experience when email data is lost in the abyss?

A customer today expects a seamless understanding and if crucial information is lost then it could hurt the entire marketing data. A good travel experience begins with the buying of tickets/bookings and reservations of accommodation online. When a purchase is made, the information is collected by the online agent, supplier and the hotel/airline. The details are lost and you do not know how many miles the customer can avail of or what is the loyalty number. As a marketing person you realize it could be a wasted opportunity to personalize this trip. But it does not happen. Databases often decay or become corrupted and marketing teams encounter roadblocks. At that point there is an urgent need to hack the system. Naturally, there are better ways to restore the data repository and still provide the service. Maybe an email needs to be recalled because it is not meant for all to know you have committed this mistake.

What can be done?

If you need to get en email back or even replace it go to the sent folder. Double click to open the message, select action and get it back into the system.

PS: This can be done only if you have an Exchange Account. Delete the unread copy and replace it with the message required. 


If you belong to the sales and marketing department complications arise when the details are stored in folders by different divisions. Silo communications pose a problem not only in the travel industry but by any other enterprise. Frequently, inconsistency in the email database causes problems for several teams. Not only the teams but also the customers are unhappy. Marketing data needs to be update. Management strategies have to be organized and updated for all kinds of travelers. As an online portal the following productivity hacks are useful:

  1. Update existing information for sales leads.
  2. Evaluate the statistics and keep information uniform for all departments.
  3. Data cleaning should remain a regular priority for better results.
  4. Keep a maintenance schedule as most customers change addresses and numbers frequently.
  5. Manipulate behavioral facts to enhance the customer’s buying experience. Frequent fliers often reveal accurate information for loyalty programs.
  6. All information should be actionable as marketing data requires active results.
  7. Increase cross-channel identity of customers who fly often.
  8. Data-driven with personalization helps to retain the customers.

Work seamlessly in different time zones

Global enterprises encounter work in different time zones. Productivity hacks for recovering information also includes setting up features that do not disturb others when they are offline, having dinner or sleeping. Your email service provider should be able to add the delete or adjustable feature. It is significant to enrich the email database for seamless working. It helps in marketing analysis at a later date. There are several ‘how to recover data videos’ that can also be earmarked to achieve a proper understanding. Your repository should prove the value when you require it the most. The customers share private information keeping in mind the previous good experience. If you want them to be loyal, then use the above productivity hacks.

Author - Rachel Radmond
Rachel Radmond Author at Fortune Reuters Rachel Radmond, Sr. Business Development Manager, Fortune Reuters is driven by the passion to offer customer value beyond all. With her invaluable managerial experience of working for multinational companies she has gathered comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Enterprise-level companies that’s been instrumental in our growth as a global B2B contact data brand. Her market insights and how she beautifully correlates it with the need for fortune companies to procure data for multichannel campaigns has been the secret to her success.