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Make the process of communicating with psychologists around the world simple, with our Psychologists Email List. Our Psychologist list has proved to be a database that facilitates multichannel marketing. We will be the core reason behind accomplishing a successful B2B marketing campaign. Our mailing list will be immensely useful if you have a business that requires contacting Psychologists.

The Psychologist mailing list from Fortune Reuters comprises of information regarding Psychologist spread across the globe. If you are in search for a source that will get you access to all the psychologists across the USA, then we are the right organization to connect with. Apart from the USA, we also provide Psychologist Email Database for the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Australia and many more regions.

Do you require the Psychologist Email List from Fortune Reuters?

Our user contact details will be useful when you or your business is related to the below-mentioned sectors.

  • When you are promoting health care services
  • When you are sending newsletter subscription
  • When you are contacting physicians with employment offers
  • You want to invite psychologists with scope for higher medical studies
  • When you are promoting medical conferences and seminars
  • You are in a business that deals with advance medical supplies and consumables
  • You want to educate the Psychologist regarding new treatment and drugs

Psychologists are one of the healthcare professionals who are concerned with evaluating and studying the mental process of an individual. Their educational qualification comprises of a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree in psychology. The Psychologist is further categorized depending on their specialization. The clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists specialize in mental health care. The social and organizational psychologists specialize in conducting research and consulting service. The academic psychologist specializes in the field of teaching psychology.

Some of the Psychologists mailing list from Fortune Reuters has been mentioned below.

  • Behavioral genetics Psychologists list
  • Clinical Psychologists list
  • Counseling Psychologists list
  • Social Psychologists list
  • Organizational Psychologists list
  • Academic Psychologists list

Data Fields

  • Psychologists area of Specialization
  • Psychologists area of Secondary Specialty
  • Psychologists geography details– County, State, MSA, SCF, Zip Radius, Zip Code, Area Code
  • Psychologists Postal Address
  • Psychologists Email Address
  • Psychologists Phone Number
  • Psychologists Fax Number
  • Psychologists Type: Resident, Office Based, Academic, Locum, Admin,Hospital Based
  • Hospital Affiliations
  • DEA number
  • UPIN number
  • State License Number
  • EMR/EHR Usage
  • NPI number
  • Insurance Types Accepted
  • Medicare/Medicaid Providers
  • Number of Psychologists and Employees on Site
  • Psychologists Demographics – Gender, Age, Graduation Year and more

We have the most knowledgeable and skilled resources as part of our data collection team. These resources ensure that you have the most current and accurate information. Our information source is comprised of authentic and original sources. You can imagine conducting a multi-channel marketing campaign by resorting to the Psychologists Email List from Fortune Reuters.

Information Sources

  • Trade shows
  • Online Subscriptions
  • Trade Magazines
  • Business Directories
  • Surveys
  • Health Care Directories
  • Business Directories Exhibition
  • Webinars
  • Seminars and more

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