Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for the Customer-Driven CMO

Digital Marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for successful marketing ventures. And in achieving success a CMO plays a vital role. Being a Chief Marketing Officer, one has to lead with in-depth knowledge of latest technology, recent practices and competing with ever evolving customers’ expectations. Marketing strategies need to be customer centric which highlights their experience, journeys, and insights. To better connect to customers, strategies need to attract the audience while analyzing their expectations.

1. Make Digital Presence as Top Priority

Grip up a digital platform for all the marketing techniques you plan out. Traditional media is outdated and has been replaced by the trending digital formats. Customers have to be engaged on a common social media platform. Digital media has boosted the advertising strategy. Using a data-driven advertising technique avails you a larger audience socially. With proper analytics tools segmenting customer demographics and maintaining website activity gets you personalized and relevant ads. If you look at the figures, almost 85% advertising investments are made on social platforms by marketing teams. The high performers can effectively segment customer data and edge upon the underperformers.

2. Focus on providing a Comprehensive Customer Experience

Customer experience is important for any successful marketing pursuit. The customer is termed as a king and customer experience is the heart of marketing. Varied customer expectations are defining new dimensions for businesses. Customers’ anticipation has to be justified by providing consistent and relevant experience each time.

Think of an instance when your customers receive delightful and personalized emails but aren’t remembered as a valued customer when they call your service line or your mobile app doesn’t match your emails, they will disengage. Today companies have started to see the customer experience as a cross-company effort which results in building bridges between traditionally siloed teams.

3. Smart Marketers Boost Personalization

10 Top Digital Marketing Strategies

Personalized communications provide the potential for data leveraging with appealing customer experience. Better personalization includes higher conversion and response rates, brand loyalty and repeats customers, and increased relevance amplified reach with today’s shoppers. Personalized messages such as emails and custom landing pages impart better driving action and purchase behavior. Provided there is a change in rules demanded by each inbox type of customer. Customers expect certain benefits in return for their shared personal information. Marketers need to have a keen understanding of current needs of customers from a smart measurement of existing data.

With this available information, the marketers can better reach out their messages to customers and provide them with an improved experience. Through personalization, brands have the opportunity to build brand loyalty and boost engagement.

4. Plot out the Customers Journey

A customer is the core of business entity and every interaction with the customer maps out a different journey. With the digital onset, marketers have touched the customers through all strings. Be it be brand recognition, products or services provided all dimensions have been angled at a new level. If you want to hold back your valuable customers you need to portray their journey with expertise. It’s really important for a marketer to highlight the customer journey with right actions all through the whole customer lifecycle. Personalized data mapping of each customer focusing their journey should be contextual to the moment.

Top marketers record the customer journey through data-driven campaigns resonating customer’s demands at moments like post-purchase, website browsing and while seeking services.

5. Bilateral Content that Holds on the Customer

A smart CMO prioritizes content marketing as it boosts stronger relationships with potential buyers. Content marketing is defined as a king of marketing but yes the kind of content the rules the web is changing. White papers, blog posts, infographics, reports, and videos are great content for people as well as search engines.

The user generated content has emerged as a new area of content marketing. Through UGC brands are building upon their loyalty among target audiences while also figuring out the type of messages resonating their needs. If you showcase good content for your business then social media amplifies your presence.

6. Consider CRM as Center of Marketing Techniques

Gradually more marketers are likable to increase projected collaboration on customer interaction and experience. But how can you ensure that each business unit draws a single view of the customer and meets to engage them at the same level. As a solution avail CRM tools for acquiring alignment across various departments and systems with latest advanced capabilities. CRM tools avail predictive intelligence and analytics to not only tap down information silos but also allows users to utilize the given data to take right decisions.

7. Switch to Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile has become the fastest growing marketing channel. In the recent years, mobile industry has leaped from being an emerging trend to the fastest growing digital channel. Today, there might not be a single individual without a smartphone. Mobile marketing has redefined marketing strategies thereon guiding new ad products and resulting in a fundamental change in the bond between consumers and brands.

In this new era of advertising, mobile has become a critical tool for successful campaigns. Mobile app installed ads have become popular tools to get hold of the right audience at right time. Mobile marketing has provided marketers with a unique environment to gather a multi-dimensional consumer data forum that can be better used to personalize messages.

8. Advertising on Social Platforms is a must

Social media engagement has been ruling the market. Social media has developed itself as the most usable advertising platform. Advertising has to be data driven. On social grounds, marketers are finding highly targeted audiences and can track their campaigns with proper metrics. Since social networks are becoming popular on a wide scale by improving their ad and measurement offerings, more brands expect to leverage their audiences in fresh ways through it.

9. Investments to be poured in right places

Marketers need to allocate efficient funds to right place. Top marketing CMOs walk the talk by prioritizing budgets in the places that matter are technology, tools, and digital marketing.  As CMO, the entire company, not just the marketing team is looking up to your guidance on how to craft the ideal customer experience. Implementing these strategies will help your business to exceed customer expectations and succeed in the digital age.

10. Account Based Marketing

The marketing funnel has changed from business-to-business and marketers as well for two reasons. First, multiple decision-makers, stakeholders, and influencers inside companies make it more difficult for marketing messages to influence a single decision-maker. Second, reaching multiple decision-makers with relevant marketing content is more vital than ever, because most company decisions are started online and are quite advanced before a salesperson has a chance to talk to anyone involved in a decision at a company.

ABM or Account-based marketing has been around for a while but has gained significant momentum now. This marketing method involves inviting and measuring engagement and mindshare at diverse roles and levels of authority within an organization, as opposed to attracting leads that turn into customers on a linear progressive path.

Good Marketing makes a company look smarter but great marketing makes the customer feel smarter. And CMOs are way ahead in achieving customer attention with above mentioned top digital strategies.

Author - Rachel Radmond
Rachel Radmond Author at Fortune Reuters Rachel Radmond, Sr. Business Development Manager, Fortune Reuters is driven by the passion to offer customer value beyond all. With her invaluable managerial experience of working for multinational companies she has gathered comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Enterprise-level companies that’s been instrumental in our growth as a global B2B contact data brand. Her market insights and how she beautifully correlates it with the need for fortune companies to procure data for multichannel campaigns has been the secret to her success.