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A sure shot way to make your marketing business reach its highest potential is by having accurate, reliable and authentic data of users and business decision makers. B2B multi-channel marketing is the way forward for marketers across the globe. The users and consumers across the world are fast changing their needs and authentic, accurate, reliable, and relevant data is the key to making your marketing effective. We provide the most comprehensive, updated, accurate, and relevant database of AS 400 Users for you to contact for consultation and upgrading services. Our AS400 Users Email List is detailed and contains the contact details of the important business decision makers. So why wait any further? Connect with prospective buyers from our thousands strong list of AS400 users today and take your business to new heights!

What is AS400

AS400 or Application System 400 is essentially a middle size server, designed for small organizations or individual departments in larger organizations. AS400 is a mid-range family IBM server which works on “IBM i” – an IBM OS. The iSeries comes with a built in database which works well in distributed networks with web applications.

With our AS400 Users database and mailing list you can take your marketing for consulting and upgrading services to the next level! With the AS 400 Users Email list you will have the list of users and business decision makers at your finger tips!

Benefits of AS400 Users Mailing List

So much of a company’s marketing budget is spent on campaigns mailed to outdated and defunct mailing lists. We perform regular tele-calling updates of the names listed in our AS400 Users mailing list. That is why you can rest assured that the list that you will receive will be completely updated with the very latest contact data of each and every AS400 user. In this way we ensure that your marketing campaign is targeted to the relevant users and business decision makers and that your budget is not spent on targeting useless data.

All our data is regularly updated to ensure that your service information reaches the maximum number of relevant decision makers to set you on the path to success.

Few significant factors of AS400 Users Mailing List:

  • Regularly updated through Tele-verification. So you will have the most relevant database to target for your consulting services
  • It is cost effective. Therefore won’t eat into your company’s budget
  • Regularly updated to eliminate duplication and inaccuracy of data
  • We provide highly customized and segmented professional database as per your requirements. You can choose how much segmented the mailing list will be according to your company’s need
  • Enhanced b2b marketing through direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing, online marketing campaigns and more
  • Our AS400 Users Email list are collated from authentic and genuine public records, websites, business cards, trade shows, publications, magazine subscriptions, and so forth
  • Customize the mailing list as per your company’s requirements. No need to make do with generic mailing lists with repetitive and inaccurate data

Why wait? Buy the most customized, verified and accurate AS400 users mailing list today, and enhance your company’s data-driven marketing campaigns with the right tools and resources!

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